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posted by Ireland Roofing    |   March 24, 2014 20:24

Each spring as the snow melts and the temperatures creep up slowly we begin to receive calls from homeowners saying their roof is leaking. Upon inspection of the roof we find no possible point of entry from above the roof deck. The next place we check is the attic and upon closer inspection we often find frost buildup along gable walls or between the rafters of the roof.  As the temperature outside rises so to does the temperature inside the attic and as a result the excess frost begins to melt and if there is enough, can create damage to a dry walled ceiling or wall.

Why does the frost accumulate in the first place? There can be a variety of factors but they almost always boil down to two problems:

1) Inadequate moisture barrier and/or insulation.

2) Inadequate ventilation of the attic space.

The problems of the poor moisture barrier are most often solved by removal of the ceiling and a reinstallation of a new, proper barrier. This is not always practical and the problem can be alleviated by an increase in ventilation. The ventilation of an attic space is critical in removing the warm moist air escaping from the living spaces before it has the opportunity to freeze along the surfaces inside the attic.

If you are experiencing condensation issues throughout the winter or suspect you may have inadequate venting, feel free to contact us for an assessment and we will do our best to eliminate the problem.