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We offer all of our services to both residential and commercial customers

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Roofing Systems

The decision of what product to use on your new roof should involve many factors. Budget, aesthetic taste, the longevity and practicality of the product all help form your final decision. We will work with each client to help decide which product best suits each particular job.

Asphalt Shingles

The most common roofing material in our climate is the asphalt shingle. The more durable and stylish fiberglass laminate has replaced the industry standard 3 tab as the most popular shingle choice. Offering an architectural design for an entry-level price. The sky is the limit for asphalt shingles as there are varying degrees of quality and styles to suit any job. Manufacturers include IKO, CRC, Owens Corning and Malarkey with each offering their own unique product lines.


There is no replacement for the natural look achieved with a cedar roof and when installed correctly can last well over 30 yrs. We use only premium grade cedar shakes and install according to the Cedar Bureau's installation methods.


Comprised of nearly 95% recycled materials (mainly recycled tires) a EuroShield rubber roofing system is a fine choice for someone with their carbon footprint in mind. EuroShield is in a class of its own, nearly indestructible it carries a non-prorated 50 yr warranty.
Ireland Roofing
St. John's Anglican Cathedral in Saskatoon


For agriculture and commercial buildings metal is the most popular choice. Offering outstanding longevity and function when installed correctly. There are also several styles designed with residential applications in mind. Westform Metals is preferred manufacturer for our metal roofing projects.

Inspire Tiles

Perhaps the most unique product on the market, Inspire Tiles come in a variety of colours that can be installed in a mono chromatic fashion or in a mosaic of several colours to recreate the look of true slate. Geometric shapes or designs can even be incorporated into the roof. The product carries a 50 yr warranty.


For small flat roof applications we offer a single-ply membrane made of EPDM. Manufactured by Mule-Hide Industries.